Apply for Death Certificate

In Death Certificate service there are two processes :

Death Certificate :

In this Process, Citizen can directly apply the certificate at their particular Municipality/Panchayat Office by providing the Doctors Certificate and Panchanama, after formalities done given by the Recognized authorities like Police, Revenue Officer, etc… This is a current service and it is eligible for below one year registrations only.

SLA Period is: 21 days, Service Charge, Rs.30/- .

UBD Portal Url :

Late Registration of Death :

In this Process, Citizen can apply through nearest existing Village/Ward Secretariat and no need to approach Government Offices directly. It can be applied to register the death even after one year. Required Documents to apply:

Physical Document
Non availability issued by Gram Panchayat / Municipal Administration
Ration Card Copy
Self Affidavit

It is considered as Category B service. Once we get the application, It can be converted in to Category A. So, the citizen can go through Village/Ward Secretariat and took the certificate as he/ she required.

After Getting LRBD Certificate from Revenue Department, The applicant can go to Municipality/ Gram Panchayat and he/she can collect the Death Certificate from their respective Office.