Disaster Management

Palnadu District is one of the  coastal districts of Andhra Pradesh, is a regular victim of multiple disasters. Hazards can be single, sequential or combined in their origin and effects. For instance, it could be a cyclone followed by floods. Sometimes natural hazards may get augmented by human activities. For instance, natural coastal erosion by wave action may increase due to cutting down of mangroves. The risk from hazards is characterized by the frequency of occurrence and severity of the hazard. For example tsunamis are rare events with moderate to severe consequences. Mild flooding may occur frequently, while severe flooding may be an infrequent event. Coastal erosion may be a chronic event with mild consequences or, coupled with other hazards, may result in severe impacts on the shoreline. Infrequent events with limited predictability pose the greatest risk of disaster and the longest time needed for disaster recovery. Frequent or ongoing hazards such as resource or environmental degradation processes can be monitored to reduce risk.

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